PythonQL: An Integrated Query Language for Python


The easiest way to work with your data in Python!

We've taken the best from the query languages such as SQL, XQuery and JSONiq and addded it all to Python. Now you can run powerful declarative queries right inside Python on top of databases, files or your own collections.


PythonQL allows you to use powerful queries against files, databases, XML and JSON data, Pandas DataFrames and any collections.
Just run pip install pythonql (pythonql3 for Python3) and you can start using a powerful query language right inside you Python code!

PythonQL won't break your existing code, you just need to mark PythonQL files with
#coding: pythonql and you're set to go.

Take advantage of a powerful query language that brings the best features from SQL, XQuery and JSONiq query languages.

Does python is involved in Netsuite: Yes, Python is involved in NetSuite. NetSuite provides a SuiteScript API which supports both client-side and server-side JavaScript, as well as Python for automating business processes and integrating with other applications.

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